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Bullying? Gossip? Destructive interaction? Entrenched conflict?

We can help you restore accountability, empathy, civility, and human dignity.

We’ll help you transform the relationship climate in your family, workplace, school, or community with Restorative Communication.

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“Restorative Way’s approach to conflict rehumanizes people. Their methods heal broken relationships (both interpersonal and institutional), and create an enduring framework to prevent the recurrence of ongoing destructive cycles.”

Matt Walton, Executive Director & CEO at CLAREMATRIX

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“Dr. Bledsoe coached the entire staff through a series of exercises and conversations, the result of which was restored trust, increased effectiveness, and an entirely new collaborative decision-making process.”

Rob Stein, Ph.D., Public School Superintendent

“Dr. Bledsoe’s development and delivery of Restorative Communication programming has changed individual lives, and strengthened schools, organizations and communities”

Bryan C. Taylor, Ph.D., Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Program,
University of Colorado at Boulder

The Restorative Way: Harnessing the Power of Restorative Communication to Mend Relationships, Heal Trauma and Reclaim Civility One Conversation at a Time

The need for civility has never been more critical than it is now. The climate of contempt, animosity, hate and retribution is depressing our collective spirit, degrading our mental and spiritual well-being, pushing us apart, and impacting our families, workplaces and communities. 

This book provides an antidote. Building on over two decades of experience in restorative communication practices and programming, Dr. Will Bledsoe gives us a timeless heart-centric methodology to restore accountability, empathy, and dignity.  


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